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Illustrations . Soundcloud . 2023 . Bruxelles

Série inspirée des fêtes païennes et des carnavals sauvages pour illustrer les futurs covers du collectif Teppish People ✨🌙✨

Cette série a été dessinée pour "cadavre exquis".
The "cadavre exquis" podcast was born out of the dist
ance between the members of the Teppish People". (Limoges, Marseille, Paris, Stockholm & Barcelona). The Cadavre exquis is a collective game which aims to produce a text or a drawing using fragments successively proposed by each player, each ignoring the proposals of his predecessors. We have therefore taken up this game to create B2Bs despite the distance. Each set is therefore the meeting of the universe of two members of the teppish people. We hope to make you travel on our flying carpet of downtempo in the middle of the clouds.
Illustration teppish people.jpg
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